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In "Stones on the Rampart" I had to go. This reading when I was a chilld moved me to tears, but what a child can know about war. What adult can really know about her. To die for their country, but whether this death make sense?Theoritically each death is meaningless. We don't know our way.
        But at the war are powerful and strong and weaker. It's paradoks of the war. This who think that they are stronger they want to gain power of the weakness people. War is divides people for "weakness-weakness" and "strong-stronger-powerless". Like our heros Alek, Rudy and Zośka. Realistic Unreal.

             I remember that my best friend have a collection og soldiers. Playing a war is very special game for a boys. Gun gives you a power. Give you a force- Only if for the moment. In this war are also woman, but "Zośka" (Real historical polish hero) tell her that this game only for a man. Woman trying to find a place in the war. They are important but in a diffrent way. Scence in that movie are sometiomes like in video clip.
Scene become a play boys with plastic soldiers. And death welche give a poetry.

           German SS are bvery bad for pain. They killing without STOP, they abused like they could't do nothing more. They are bad to the core. You can find also humour:
"Why German girls are wearin only black panties?- Because this what is entertaiment you need to hide".
Or some: "It's serenity like at the war"- make a drama to this movie.
  It's movie about polish patriots. Patriots are in every country.
But patrios are dissapear.

                     Man who have got today 30 years old can take an example of our polish youth heroes?
Who today will be perish for a friend? Died for a friend? Can you love like our heroes, like every heroes in the world. Dilemna at the war was diffrent. We don't  appreciate that we live now. 
But war is in our circle. We have now Russia and Ukraine. Syria. We still don't have
awareness that we live only once. It's not a game. 
We lose honour. We never know how we will behaviour because of war. 
"We know so much about ourselfwhile we checked" our polish poet, Nobel proze win, Wisława Szymborska said. We are like that. 

Today we are going to Germany to job. It's XXI century, and we couldn't look in ourself. 
Today we are living in our world like in a prison. Our here and now seems safety. 
Maybe today our youth heroes would'be inform by facebook and mobiles. 
Who knows that? 
 When I see a man in that century...I want them to be heroes but not be afraid of life.
Not every man are like that but a lot...that are standing on my way. I feel stronger then they are!'
Masculinity is courage and respect to yourself.
Alek, Rudy and Zośka?....Who do you think you are? 

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